A Day of Remembrance

Today everyone at St. Clare’s is fondly remembering our first principal and founder of St. Clare’s School, Eileen Jones. A phenomenal worker who brought the idea of St. Clare’s school to fruition and the school continued to flourish with Eileen at the helm. We are thinking of all of her family and friends today as each class held a moments silence in her honour. May she rest in peace.

Back to Business in Poppy Class

The last two months we had a great time full of fun and activities. Last month we enjoyed two trips for a delicious breakfast in our favourite Elm café and also a lot of sunny walks as the weather has improved significantly! Earlier this month, we celebrated Marcus’ birthday and had a lovely class party. By easing the restrictions, we were allowed to take part in several activities, which were absolutely amazing! We started with training for the Special Olympics again, and started going bowling and Tumble Towers. But the most amazing thing was that we wereable to go on our long-awaited end-of-year school trip to Turoe Pet Farm in Loughrea.

Busy Days in Orchid Class

The children in the Orchids class are a pleasure for us all to work with every day. Each of them try so hard with their exercises, physio programmes and activities and also when outside agencies come in to support the class too. Every child in the Orchids Room has a great love of music. It is lovely to see them every day trying their best.

As a class we have had lovely nature walks within the school grounds and the vicinity of the school; the children love getting out in the fresh air. We love to create beautiful artwork such as these canvas pictures of the children’s feet….they are ‘happy feet!’ Look how much the children have grown!

Faidon, Caoimhe and Mateusz all celebrated their birthdays in recent months.
The switch toys and switches are very popular in the class with the
children. They love interacting with them!

Easter Fun in Jasmine

We have had a busy few months in the Jasmine Class! All the students have been working hard completing lots of work activities. We also had lots of fun making lovely arts and crafts for Easter! We then took part in a whole school Easter Egg Hunt where we got lots of yummy Easter eggs and even had a visit from the Easter bunny! We also had our first trip to the soft play area- Tumble Towers, everyone was so excited and we had a great day! We look forward to our next trip! We have had lots of fun reading stories, enjoying the sensory room, going on walks around the garden and playing outside in the Astroturf! We are going on our school tour next week to the Burren Nature Sanctuary and are really looking forward to it!

Busy Days in Fuchsia Class!

We have been super busy boys here in Fuchsia class the past couple of weeks. We got to return to tumble towers and bowling in Ennis which we absolutely LOVED! We also got to make big smiles for our school photographs – CHEESE. We got to go on our school tour to Turoe Pet Farm in Loughrea, Co. Galway where we got to travel on a big white bus with all our friends from different classes. We saw goats, sheep, kids, lambs, chickens, bunny’s, alpacas and so much more!! We even got to feed them special pet farm food. We ate our yummy lunches there and we got to jump in the inflatable city which was so cool. It was so much fun

Iris Class Go on a Bear Hunt!

Going on a Bear hunt is such a fun sensory story to do and we had so much fun with it in the Iris class.  We used the blind box to put our hands in and feel all the sensory elements of the story such as mud water, grass etc. We also went on our very own bear hunt through the forest, though the long wavy grass and through the mud!!!! Luckily the bear we found was more cuddly than scary!

Hard Work and Fun in Daisy Class

The students in the Daisy class, better known as the Daisy ladies, have been busy completing their Towards Independence Asdan modules on numeracy, literacy, and multi-sensory experiences.

They take part in musical activities, physio activities, food technology i.e. taking part in the kitchen for baking.

The students respond to different textures, smells and tastes. They take part daily in physical activities e.g. physio, massage, Tac-Pac and other.

In their music activity they will choose their favourite instrument and create their own individual sounds. The students have their own sensory room in class which helps them to regulate themselves and relax, enjoying the variety of sensory lights and relaxing music.


We have resumed our outings to Clare Leisure World for bowling and we are joined by the junior classes who go to Tumble Towers. The Snowdrop Class are joined by students from Fuchsia, Sunflower, Primrose, Poppy and Bluebell classes. Our first trip was on Friday April 29th and our next trip is Friday May 20th with our final outing on Monday June 27th.