Woodwork Room

St. Clares Woodwork Room

Here at St. Clare’s, we are fortunate enough to have access to a woodwork room on site and talented members of staff to lead our woodwork projects. Students in the senior end of the school thoroughly enjoy going to the woodwork room and creating their own designs. From reindeer to bird tables we can do it all and learn a lot in the process.

Questioning is used to engage students in the learning activity and to check understanding of previous knowledge.

 Practical Class Demonstrations are carried out to show students specific procedures. Equipment used may include whiteboard, models and sketches.

 Spot Demonstrations take place with students to help clarify a construction or procedure for completion of work.

 Discussions are used to explore a topic. This allows students to express their views/opinions and to learn by listening to others.

 Collaborating allows the students to talk amongst each other and develop social skills

 Other effective methodologies include use of displays, exhibition of student’s class work, and review of past projects to meet our students’ needs.

 Each student will explore the following skills:

  • To examine trees, their leaves and seeds and be able to recognise their varying characteristics
  • to investigate how trees affect the environment around us
  • to learn to sketch and plan a project
  • to learn how to problem solve and use a design process to design projects
  • to develop their ability to use different woodwork tools.
  • to plan a project and bring it to fruition.