Parent Information

St. Clare's Parent Information

Here at Saint Clare’s we always admire the efforts of parents to create the best life for their child. Parents are the child’s primary educators, and a child’s experiences at home is one of the most potent factors on their development during the primary school years. There is a continuing process through which the child’s formal learning experience in school interacts with the less formal developmental experience of the home and the family.

It is widely recognised that significant educational, social and behavioural benefits occur as a result of effective partnership between parents and teachers. Close co-operation between the home and the school is essential, therefore, if children are to receive the maximum benefit from the curriculum. 

Each child will have a student support plan in place to address the specific needs of the student both in school and at home. However, if you would like to explore other resources which can use at home please see our Resources page where we have compiled some useful links and information for parents.

School Uniform
The uniform consists of blue tracksuit pants, a white polo shirt and a blue jumper with the school crest. The uniform can be purchased at Liam McCannon’s shop in Ennis. 

School Attendance
Children who are sick must stay at home.  Every absence of a child must be accounted for by informing the class teacher in writing. Parents can also record the reason for any absence so the teacher can record this on Aladdin. Under the terms of the Education Welfare Act (2000) the school is legally obliged to inform the National Education Welfare Board of the names and contact details of pupils who are absent in excess of nineteen school days in any given school year, irrespective of the reason for the absences. It is understood that our students may have a number of appointments with external services during the school year and this will be recorded on Aladdin if it is communicated to the class teacher.

Healthy Eating
It is a part of our school policy to encourage children to eat a healthy diet. Children will need a healthy breakfast to start each day and sufficient time to eat it.

Sweets and convenience food are discouraged. Studies have found that it stimulates hyperactivity and has an adverse effect on children’s performance and behaviour. A sandwich and fruit is an example a healthy lunch. Drinks may be put in a plastic container or bottle. 

Our school kitchen works hard to produce healthy meals for our students on a daily basis. Each of the meals can be adapted to cater for the dietary requirements of our students. 

Visit Us
We welcome visits from prospective students and their parents/guardians, during school hours, by appointment. You can see the school on a normal school day to gauge the differences between the Holy Family experience compared to a mainstream school.

We can discuss your child’s educational needs, subject choices and preferred communication style so that you can make an informed decision about the best option for your child’s education.