Here at St. Clare’s, we are fortunate enough to be located close to the sea. This offers our learners a variety of opportunities to engage with physical activity including surfing lessons. These always go down a treat and offer so many benefits to those who partake.

Balance and Coordination

As well as being a wonderful cardiovascular workout, surfing is a fun and exciting way to teach kids balance and coordination. Balance and coordination are crucial life skills that children need to maintain healthy development. Balance and coordination will help children not only become better athletes but also build self-esteem as children are able to do more tasks independently, like riding a bike without training wheels.

Swimming Skills
Surfing is an excellent way for children (and adults) to build their water confidence. While surfing, kids will develop a better feel for navigating water and waves, and this will ultimately translate into better performance while swimming in the ocean or a pool.

Anxiety and Stress Reliever
Surfing can also be a great way for children to channel this anxiety and stress. It’s a great way for them to burn off excess energy that could be converted to stress or anxiousness.

This one seems obvious, but we felt the need to point it out anyway. Surfing is a fantastic full-body exercise that develops physical strength as well as aerobic fitness. If your child needs to cross-train for another sport, or maybe doesn’t otherwise have any interest in exercising, surfing can be a fun way to develop peak physical fitness.