Yellow Flag

We are currently working on the Yellow Flag Programme. It brings topics of interculturalism, equality and diversity into the whole-school programme and allows schools to apply them to the day-to-day running of the school. Working together with students, staff, management, parents and wider community groups so that issues of diversity and equality are not merely seen as “school subjects” but can be understood and taken outside the school setting into everyone’s personal lives. We hope our school will be awarded its Yellow Flag in recognition of its work in promoting diversity & inclusion. We hope the school can fly its flag with pride and use the logo on its official correspondence.

St Clare's Yellow Flag

Steps of the Yellow Flag Programme:

This programme will enable the students, staff and the wider school community

  • to learn more about their own and others’ culture
  • to value and celebrate the cultural diversity that is in the school
  • to learn more about treating people fairly

The Yellow Flag will show everyone that you are a school that values cultural diversity. Involving parents, families and communities is one of the steps – your help is needed to earn a yellow flag.

What will be happening?

Students and teachers will be asked to learn more about each other’s culture. You will have an important role to play, as you can talk to your child about their culture, heritage and history. We want every child to be proud of themselves, their community and their culture. We will be celebrating the cultural diversity in the school and having events for our school community.