Viola Goes to Bunratty

Our school Tour by Derry Mulqueen 

We went to Bunratty castle and Folk Park for our school tour. We saw lots of cottages and explored the castle. We saw pigs, goats, geese, hens and more animals. 

We went inside the houses and saw open fires with pots and kettles over them, we saw unique beds and a blacksmith. The cottages looked mostly the same. There was usually a kitchen and a bedroom for the whole house but then we saw the richer houses with a small upstairs, a dining room, a kitchen and two or three bedrooms.  

After about an hour of looking at houses we came to the castle. We went up into a long hall. There was a long table and a fire place in the middle of the room. We went up a spiral staircase and saw other similar rooms.  After that we ate our food. I threw some bread for the birds. I ate blueberries and a banana and bread.  

We then explored the village more and found a school. The whole school was only two classrooms. We went to the playground and we listed to some music. We then went back to school.  

I really enjoyed the tour. I’d love to go back J . I rate the school tour 1000000/1000000